Walking dogs that don’t want to walk

I’m a NYC based nomad and lifelong side hustler. I started working in petcare 2012 when I signed up for Rover to help pay the bills ( because the rent is too damn high in downtown Seattle). After my contract with the county ended, I had been petsitting for about 8 months and decided to hang out in Seattle to see if I could pay the bills just from petsitting alone. It is now 7 years later and I haven’t gone back to working for the man.

I moved to NYC in 2016 for an unpaid internship at a pole and fitness studio (I still work there if you want to hit me up for a free class). One of the interview questions was, “How will you support yourself in the city?” And the obvious answer was, “Through pet/housesitting and dog walking”. I had a few hundred reviews from Rover under my belt which all stayed with me when I changed my address on my profile. It took a couple weeks to land my first dog walking client, and within about 6 months my business was back to a decent pace. I also signed up for WAG in early 2016, and it has been a great way to earn some lunch money (and then some) while exploring my new city.

It’s now my 4th year in NYC and I sustain my lifestyle through housesitting, dog walking, cat visits, and teaching fitness. Welcome!

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