I Have a Bad Feeling About This Gig…

…then don’t take it. Easy peasy. We don’t make enough money in this industry – or any industry – to sacrifice the well being of ourselves and our families. The beauty of being an independent contractor is that you don’t have to take any job you don’t want. We are petcare side gigging for the perks as well as for the money, so any stress just isn’t worth it. There are plenty of petcare gigs out there, you just have to find the clients and gigs that suit your lifestyle.

The great thing about working through Rover and WAG, is that the problem dog or client doesn’t have to be your problem. There is a huge network of sitters and walkers that are only one call or one click of a button away!


If you’ve accepted a walk for WAG but don’t like the details (the dog pulls, it bites, access info is terrible etc), you can submit for a cover. It’s possible there are walkers out there with more experience that are happy to take on a challenging dog or situation.

Requesting a cover on WAG

If you’ve already accepted a booking on Rover, call customer support and have them try to find another sitter.

Rover WAG cover
Call Rover!

The most important thing at the end of the day is not a paycheck, it is the safety and well being of everyone – the client pup, your sanity, and the sanctity of your home and family!

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